Monday, April 6, 2009

Time and why I need to never sleep again

Goal of the week: A fresh new start for after break and a fresh new goal - SEATING CHART to KEEP STUDENTS ON TASK! I devised a new seating chart to limit wandering student bodies, eyes, and minds while I'm trying to teach. I've gotten into a bad habit of letting my students' minds wander while I'm trying to educate them and that just won't do! My goal this week is to break them of this habit with the new seating chart. Actually, before the end of the year I intend to make my stand on a few things, mainly: (1) the Dress Code, (2) Labeling Papers, and (3) attentiveness in class. I want class to be fun... but I see no reason why it can't be controlled fun. However, the emphasis needs to be on the word *controlled.* I've seen that time and time again in other classrooms... if there isn't control then there isn't any learning that can occur... fun or no fun.

Topic of the day: Time and why I need more of it!

My family and friends constantly want to see more of me. They ask me out to dinner, call me after school when I'm grading or working on my graduate school work, or want to talk to me at night when I'm trying to get some sleep or otherwise am getting ready for bed. I wanted to create a post about the hours I and other teachers keep.

I wake up at 5am.

I like to get to school early to organize. Optimally this is 630am. Usually it's 650 because I'm a bum.

I start teaching at 730 and get done at 230. I teach 6 classes and have one 30 minute lunch. I have students in my room for lunch because they hate the lunch room. I get one hour to prep for my classes.

After school I stay in my room to grade. I'm usually there from 230 until at least 5. Sometimes I'm there until 7.

Why do I stay so late? All of those students create a lot of paperwork. I need to grade it, organize it, get it back to them quickly, create files so they know how they're doing in class, get it into the computer, create lessons, print things for them, and create tests/quizzes. Don't forget tutoring students! And the makeup work for students that have missed days!!

I need to find a more efficient way to do this. I really do.

Oh, how I wish I could be teaching in my subject area so I could just make up lesson plans that were fun without much effort. Earth Space Science is EVIL!!!!

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