Friday, April 17, 2009

Why Can't School Be Over Yet?

Goal of the week: Getting work done of the documentation of teaching project would be nice. I have so much to do for it that it's giving me shortness of breath just thinking about it. I think I have whole nightmares just on the topic of my documentation of teaching project.

Thought of the Day: Why can't school be over yet?

It's amazing how teachers have the same thoughts as the students toward the end of the year. Despite having spring break to relax (in which no relaxing was actually done) I really am starting to drag.

There are 29 school days left. I wish there were 2.

Does this happen to other first year teachers?

My oh my, am I tired. I have to keep fighting it to keep my lessons fun and engaging because I love my students. The days where everything is fun are starting to show up less and less. It's sad but true that most days I just want to throw them bookwork while I answer questions about it. I'm a horrible person for doing this.

Or I'm just human and I need to find a balance of practicing from the book and making things fun and engaging. Things can't always be fun and engaging because that's EXHAUSTING!

Oh, and why can't it be the end of the year?

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