Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nervous breakdown time

Goal of the week: Let's go back to the attainable - lesson plans. The lofty wasn't working for me.

Thought of the day: Nervous breakdown time.

This past week (even though it's only Tuesday) is nuts! I've been cramming work on the HUGE D.O.T. project in between classes at school, cramming grading to catch up for my students to put in grades at night when I can't sleep, I've started sleeping in short naps because I have too much to do, the seniors need their finals early, a whole bunch of kids need finals at different times because they won't be here for finals at finals times, no one will tell me when finals actually are or if they are last day, I have new students at the end of the year that will never catch up in time, and the last test my students took I had to throw out because the entire group of 120 failed it except two students - one ESL (but who actually studied) and one who hasn't shown up in a month (but who who actually studied).

The ISTEP schedule got randomly changed today by almost an hour! My first period got altered so that the students were with me an extra 45 plus minus. To make up for that fact, they cut out a period from the day. My whole schedule this week is screwed, as I'll be seeing some classes only twice and others the normal 5 times. I don't know what to teach to make up for it and it's giving me an ulcer.

I need to go to class tonight and get my D.O.T, project done for today. I need to make a list of what to do on it before I turn it in and just tackle it one day at a time. Whether I like it or not, the kids may get a movie for the rest of the week during ISTEP. I just can't handle the constant changes in schedule.

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