Friday, April 24, 2009

How do I fix it?

Goal of the week: Job job job job job job job... since I'm not RIFed... I'd like to have some source of cash the next year. Oh, sweet, luscious income... where are you?

Thought of the day: How do I fix it?

The study habits my students have is horrible. Seriously. Horrible. If I don't review with them before a quiz then they tank it. I'm talking grades of 1 out of 5 or 2 out of 5. I always give a 5 questions quiz each Friday. I review the questions that are going to be on the quiz right before they take it.

I used to review the what topics might be on the quiz throughout the week but they couldn't handle it. They still tanked the quizzes. I'm seriously worried about my students abilities to do well on tests. I also know that there's rampant cheating. I need to get around that.

I like the constant challenge to out-think 150 very street-smart teenagers. It's a constant challenge that keeps me on my toes much more than being a scientist ever did. Frankly, that was boring. It was the same research all the time *and* I didn't have creative control. Now, I do and I get to use my mind in ways I never thought possible. It's great.

I love my job in so many ways. I just wish I were better at getting them to be successful now. Time is wasting for my peeps. I'm failing the group I have now. I need to help them.

I'm not helping them. They're not being successful. It's my job to teach them to be. I'm failing them.

UN-acceptable. Not no way NOT no how...
...but how do I fix it???

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