Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Really Hate Assessments

Goal of the week: Getting the INSANELY HUGE Documentation of Teaching project done. That is my sole goal at this point.

Thought of the day: I really hate assessments.

I love the effect of assessments because it lets be determine which students have absorbed the material and how well and which students have not. However, it requires the students be there - which in my school district can be something of a problem. One of the largest problems of my student body at any given time is attendance.

So... how do I get them in the room to take the tests? I can tell them how many points they're worth but that really doesn't motivate them. I can try and make them fun, but really... no one thinks that tests are fun and there's no way I can change that. I've been trying to think of this one all day. I have about half of my students missing the test at this point. That is not good.

I suppose I just need to start a countdown on the board and tell them about it each and every day. That might help a little. That way, they can't say that they weren't warned.

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