Friday, April 10, 2009

Thoughts on Filming Classes

Goal of the week: DOT project. How's that going? I feel like throwing up daily.

Thought of the day: Thoughts on Filming Classes

I'm filmed my second period today for my D.O.T. project. It was a very interesting experience. The students were very cute in that they were trying to be smart/pretty/good on camera. At the same time, they were very keyed up because of the person in the room filming them.

In retrospect, I really should have filmed them a few times so they were used to the experience. I will know that for the future. I'd really love to have cameras permanently in my room so that I could film the really good lesson and put them on a permanent TatER website where other teachers could access them! Wouldn't that be cool? At least, I think it would.

Right before I started filming, I told the kids that I had to enforce all of the school rules while filming - like the iPods, cell phones, and the like. The kids all took them out and said "we got ya." It was extremely cute. Just another day where I love my students and my work. :)

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