Thursday, April 9, 2009

I think the union is working against me

Goal of the week: DOT project. How's that coming? In a word - sucky.

Thought of the day: I'm beginning to dislike my union. I went into this job fiercely pro-union. In the 9 months since I've been working here, I've had the union say that I don't deserve to be here since I don't have an undergraduate degree in education (despite the fact that the government says otherwise and the superintendent and that educational literature), I've had the union representatives tell me to my face that my program is getting unfair special treatment that needs to stop (what special treatment? I'm being treated just the same as all new teachers!), and I've had the union work towards moving to get me hired dead last in this round of job placements this summer during the tough times for teachers because I'm not a current Indiana certified teacher.

I'm not ok with this.

I've gone through fire this year to teach these kids. I've worked without tools, without access to student lists, the internet, to pacing guides, to computers, to discipline procedures, and without anything other than a phone number to the main office for help. I taught 6 different classes at the beginning of the year because they needed someone to cover them until they found spaces for all of them. I taught classes of 45 to 53 students last semester.

I did all of this OUTSIDE my subject area. Unprepared for the subject I was teaching. With no tools. AND I did it. Plus, I managed to help the kids learn what was on the pacing guides and have some fun with it.

All of this as a first year teacher. Now, I'm not perfect, but I know when I've done some good things. This, and the union seems like it's working against me to get rid of me. How am I not supposed to take this personally?

I've never not been Pro-Union before. I don't feel like me. :(

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