Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things I need to blog about

Goal of the week: Oh, I wish I had a job... do de do de do de do...

Topic of the day: Things I need to blog about...

Before the end of the year... in no particular order:
1. A list of things/devices/events that have made my life flow more smoothly as a teacher
2. Procedures that make my life WONDERFUL!!!
3. How to reach the kids... methods that work (I've found)
4. A year-in-review (how far I've come)
5. A look back at my Marian College classes this year
6. Technology I want for my classroom and why?
7. Things my kids say, aka - the Quote Board.
8. Study habits... and how to promote it in the classroom (otherwise known as OMG - they're screwed...)
9. This I need to improve on for next year...
10. My favorite lessons/moments this year...

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