Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Priorities SUCK

Goal of the day: Seating Chart! I was accused of being a sadist today because I've locked the door and I refuse to let my student into the room until they are lined up in front of me and I can check them off as having their dress code in shape and all in order. I think this is great because they finally can't sneak past me any more. I think that at the start of each year I will do this for the first two weeks and after that I will just meet them at the door. That will give them the right impression. I think my Aunt is right on this matter - you need to come on strong and then show them that you have a heart. If you come on too soft in the beginning then they think they can walk all over you. It only works the other way for naturally big or strong people.

Thought of the day: Goodness, I can't get organized. I think the ADD has officially become something that has infected my brain. I can't get my mind warpped around anything that I need to do. By the time that I finally am able to sit down and think it's the time that I SERIOUSLY need to be in bed to get at LEAST 7 hours of sleep. I just can't organize my brain.

This needs to stop. I'm limiting myself of all distractions today. Off goes everything that could even be considered a distraction and I'm hiding until I get some work done on everything I need to do. As a reward, I'll let myself snuggle in and even watch some TV if I get some good work done.

As a graduate student... I have major problems getting the graduate school work done because the grading/organizing/high school stuff always seems like it's more IMPORTANT. There's just always more of it. I don't know what to think of that. Bah. I need to prioritize better. That's become blatantly apparent. Either that, or I need to genetically engineer a clone of myself to not sleep. I think that last one will take some time so in the mean time I'll just prioritize better.

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