Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Teaching in tune with Nature

Goal for the week: effective classroom seating. I've been working with the assumption all year that if I let the kids pick out where they sit that they will behave better. Oh man, that was one of the stupidest things that I could have ever done. Actually, it could have worked if I had set up a procedure for how to stop problems before they start. Now, I have a bunch of talkers that think that they run the room and I have to *reclaim* power, which is never a position that a teacher wants to be in. It's time for operation seating chart.

Other than that - I've never really had a bad day and tried to teach before. Usually, I gave the kids busy work and knew better than to try and teach when I wasn't feeling well. Today, I tried to push on with my schedule anyway. I should have known better. The kids were acting up because I think they could sense that something was off with me. The poor sprouts got to meet my evil twin today. I'll have to do something fun tomorrow for them to show them that I'm not evil. Ugh. I need to work with my bio rhythms more.

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