Monday, February 23, 2009

Easy fun learning?

My goal for this week: to get my lesson plans posted to the new blog ahead of time. This means that I want to get the lessons done in advance of each lesson and get the up on the web before I teach every day. I'm hoping that it will go well. I've also started using the book and Cornell notes as more of a resource because I have to do less creative stuff in order to keep sane. I can't be coming up with this stuff every night or I'm going to go completely nuts and drop from exhaustion.

Today everyone's energy was down. The kids were bored to tears. They could do the notes and understand the material when I broke it down but they were bored. Honestly, it's really hard to make rocks and fossils relevant to them. I'm bored by it as well. How can you make a rock and the geologic time scale more interesting and relevant?

I feel like I'm not successful either way. If I'm creative and fun and the kids are excited and ready to learn that I'm exhausted because it takes a lot of energy to maintain that high. At the same time, the kids don't understand that much when it's creative and fun. If we take the time to slowly go over it and learn, then they nod off and doze. I have to wake them up, but they learn. Everyone learns. It's not fair. I need for everyone to learn.

Why can't learning be fun and easy at the same time?

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