Monday, February 9, 2009

Grading tests sucks. The kids took a test on Friday and I really wanted to get the test graded over the weekend. I was intending to have everything done and graded - but the path to a very hot and bad place is paved with the best of intentions.

I am really struggling with grading. I want the kids to learn, but the grading is really pulling me down. I know that in my graduate classes that they told us to not grade things - not really. That the kids should have homework/assignments/whatever.... it's called now.

Sidenote - I have to be careful about what I call their assignments and it annoys me. I always heard it called "Homework" when I was growing up. I do that now because it's a habit. But if I call it homework now, then the kids won't do it in class. They want to sit in class and talk. If I give them time to work in class then they won't - they'll sit and talk and say "well, you called it homework so I thought we were supposed to do it at *home*." I want to scream when they say that. If I give them something to do in class, then they are supposed to do it. I've started to call them ASSIGNMENTS. That way, there is NO confusion about what they are supposed to be doing.

Again, it's with the wasting time in class that they could be learning. It think that's my biggest complaint. That, and the BOOK doesn't follow the standards. The kids don't want to learn. Kids always don't want to learn, so that's nothing new. Ugh.

Disorganized. I feel so disorganized. I just need a mental break.

I'm glad next Monday is presidents day.

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