Thursday, February 26, 2009

My First Lab

Goal of the Week: Posting my lesson plans to the blog! I need to do this because it's helpful. I really need to do this more frequently. I love referencing my made up lesson plans that are online during the day to keep myself on task. It just makes me happier and calmer to look at them because they look so neat and organized on my blog. This makes Ms. Teacher's OCD happy, which makes her teach easier. It's totally worth the extra effort. I just need to make the extra time. The only problem is finding the extra time when I'm already sleeping 4 hours a night.

Today, I got to reflect on my very first lab experience. The first two periods of the day were horrible, but I got better the most I modified the lab to remove the kinks. My mother and I were up until past midnight trying to make sure that the lab was perfect. Today, my mother came in with me to help move the kids from station to station during the lab. The kids have been begging me to have her come in for months, since she sends them in candy all the time. She calls them her grandkids since I have no children of my own yet. The kids all love it and find it fun.

My students all had a great ime today. Most of them had a great time learning with the manipulatives as opposed to listening to me drone on and on.

I think that my ultimate goal for my classroom would be to have a nice schedule where I have lecture 3 days a week, lab 1 day a week, and a quiz and some sort of other activity on friday. That would be a nice weekly schedule.

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