Monday, March 8, 2010

What I wish kids would say

I'm playing hookie tomorrow from school. I have an appointment with a surgeon for a medical issue that I've been battling all year. I'll update on Wednesday about my medical news.

I've been playing hookie a lot this year. I'm almost out of sick days. Apparently, I don't look good when I teach because my students have stared saying things like "oh, do you have another one of those headaches that you get?" Or "you look like you're really tired or in pain."

I love that kids have a magical ability to tell the truth all the time. I hate that they mirror in me that I'm tired, pained, and dragging.

I wish they'd say "man, this class was fun and I learned a lot." Or "my teacher inspired me to do better." My favorite would be "I learned something in this class that will help me the rest of my life." I got a few of those last year. This year, not so much.

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