Monday, March 1, 2010

Teaching on 4 hours of sleep is never good...

Nothing is ever enough.

These are the lists of things that I need to work on, (according to my superiors at my Transition to Teaching Program): Classroom Management, Student Engagement in the Lesson, Creating Inquiry in the Classroom, Creating Effective Procedures in my Classroom, Creating a Culture of High Expectations, more projects, more labs, Better Hooks at the start of a lesson to capture the students' emotionally, better closing at the end of a lesson to focus on the main idea before they leave, more differentiation, and more Positive Reinforcement.

According to my administration, I need to work on proximity. That means I need to be more present in my classroom and see everything that's going on. My administrator said that I could be better in some areas, but as a second year teacher he didn't expect me to be much better than OK or just getting good at something.

My students don't bring their books. They don't come with a pencil nor paper. They lose their work and expect to be given credit for it, since they promise me that they brought it to class last week. They don't do homework and don't study.

Ok, not all of them but still.

In what world do students think they should be able to pass a class without having to lift a finger? I'm so irritated.

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