Friday, March 12, 2010

The inmates are running the asylum

This is the reality of the situation:

Most of my students read at least 2 to 4 years behind their grade level. Most write like a student in grade school who is learning to read. Most can't spell words that are two syllables or more. Some can't spell the days of the week. Most think they are going to college. Some have a current GPA above a 2.0. All think a D is a passing grade. None that I've ever talked to say that know how to study. Most say they never are assigned or do homework of any kind. Most are absent from class between 5 and 15 times in a *semester.*

That means that out of 180 school days, they miss, on average, about 10 to 30.

I don't believe that other teachers don't assign homework, because I know many teachers.

Some days I just walk around and think to myself that I've walked into some alternative world or universe. In this strange, sometimes poignant and sometimes horrible, place I have had the misfortune to realize that the education system where I'm in is injured to the point of dying. We can't kick all of the students out that are causing problems in class because of all the laws and rules governing how much money a school gets from the government. We keep them for the money. The kids have realized that they aren't getting punished for punishable offenses and the administration doesn't keep their word. Therefore, the inmates are running the asylum. It's all upside down.

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