Monday, January 11, 2010

What is a teacher to do...

Just when I think I've got control of a situation... it all comes crashing down.

All of the teachers in my building have been told that the students that fail their classes were going to be removed and put into study halls. This was supposedly supposed to give them some time to work on the state standards that they hadn't gotten in their classes. I think it was also to remove the students that were not performing at their ability.

However, this was not done. In fact, with the new students entering my class, my rosters got larger. Combine this with the fact that the students that were failing math and english *did* get removed from those classes and their schedules had to re rearranged. My classes are going nuts.

There are some days where I wonder at the administration. I know that last year that if I have more than 20% of my students failing that we have to justify their grades to the administration and face an inquisition. The administration says their goal is to have 95% of students pass their state standardized tests. I understand their goal, but keeping kids in the same classes even after they have failed isn't helping anyone.

I don't know what the solution is but this certainly isn't it.

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