Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Compare to last year

Note to readers: I'm not upset with life. Really.

I think my New Year's Resolution should be to blog every day and not just when I'm so angry or upset that I indulge in BlogRant (tm).

Also... I'm so much better that I was last year at this time. Case in point: we'll compare where I was last year and where I am now. Some positivity is well deserved and might help me to put things in perspective.

Last Year
  • Struggling with how to organize my lessons
  • Didn't know how to lesson plan
  • Completely made it up as I went along (no planning in advance)
  • Reactive discipline instead of preventative procedures
  • Was trying to be students' friend instead of Instructor (big issue last year)
  • Didn't know how to grade in a timely/effective manner
  • Had trouble keeping track of grades
  • Never called home
  • Periodically had "free days" due to lack of planning
  • Still having problems with how to effective keep track of grades
  • Still having issues grading quickly and and getting stuff back to the students
  • Struggling with classroom management... but SO much better
This is where I have a conversation with my brain. I tell it to shut up and that I am making progress, albeit slowly. Hey, as I tell my students all the time: "Never give up."

As Doctor Heal Thyself, so I need to listen to myself more.

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  1. just keep swimming...just keep swimming...just keep swimming...