Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interactive Notebooks Day 4

Interactive Notebooks Day 4

The kids are not getting the concepts this time around. I'm having trouble (still) getting them to understand and retain transcription and translation. Grades are coming out soon and I'm a little worried.

I delayed a day longer to try and reteach the material, but now I'm moving on to other things I need to cover before the kids take their district-required tests to see if they've learned what the district says they're supposed to learn by this point in the school year. Yippie. -_-

On the upside - this method of teaching is making it really easy for me to tell when a student is missing work. They ask me their grade, and I say "Open your notebook and show me all of the finished activities for the past 4 days." They say "oh crap!" and I say... "yeah, get those done."

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