Friday, March 20, 2009

I've pushed it too far again.

Topic of the Day: I've pushed it too far again.

I'm leaving school. I'm leaving school early. I'm leaving school before 6pm, which is early for me.


I've spent the whole day barely making through class. I now have a positive reason for making myself go home at a reasonable time. I'm thinking that 430pm is a reasonable time since I start work at 630 to 7 in the morning. That's more than a full day, I think.

I'm hoping to get better over time so I can slowly leave earlier and earlier. Or maybe I never will because I like what I do. I figure that I only work 9 months out of the year so putting in a 10 or 11 hour work day isn't so bad. I get so much vacation time that it's not funny... even without the summer vacation. I don't mind. I just need to be careful for my health.

What's really killing me here is the lack of bathroom breaks. When I'm not in class I need to be in the hallway watching the students. Which means that I can't drink water during the day because I can't run to the restroom. I cheat on that one because I have really bad kidneys. I can tell when I've pushed it too far because I feel the middle of my back start to get warm and I know I need to bring about a gallon of water in with me to school and drink it in order to ward off an infection.

Honestly... why can't they have bathrooms in the back of the classrooms like they did in elementary school? This is just silly for me and the kids.

There's no way I'm taking more sick days. I will *not* have another sub in my class unless I'm 3 feet in the grave. I'll just plan some easy days for the kids and for my body while I go to the doctor and get some more antibiotics. Rawr.

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