Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My kids are elitist, entitled, scary so-in-sos and I fear for the future.

Goal of the week: get my D.O.T. project up and running. It's for my Masters Degree program (tm) and it's this big, huge, hairy project that will prove to everyone and everybody that I'm Ms. TeacherPants. Here's to hoping I do it well.

Topic of the day: My kids are elitist, entitled, scary so-in-sos and I fear for the future.

So, today wasn't a good day. I've decided that for the sake of my mental health that I should never have a dull moment in my class ever again where my kids have the time or opportunity to talk to each other. For most of them, it isn't a problem, but for my "devil period" today I heard more than I ever, ever wanted to.

My students were talking about being on food stamps and how they all wanted to be on food stamps because you got to get the 24 packs of cans of Sprite and Coke (I buy generic to save money) and PopTarts (I buy generic, if at all... usually I have toast because it's cheaper so I can have more money for my college loans and to spend on my students).

The kids that were saying this were eating GIANT bags of Cheetos and drinking Cokes while playing on their *Touch Screen* cell phones.

They were talking about having their mothers drive them to the store to buy things on food stamps, like bacon and sausage so they can have both for breakfast. My roommate can't afford meat right now and she has a 4 year degree from a good school. She's doing temp work.

Nearly all of the kids in the room that were talking about food stamps were overweight and eating junk food. Then, they started talking about how many of their mothers or fathers were on house arrest or had abandoned them. I just listened.

One of my students stopped eating her Cheetos and asked me if I didn't feel well. Apparently, I looked sick. I told her "No, I feel alright. I just wish that most of you had better lives." Another one of my students decided to perk up by saying "You know what would make us all have better lives? If you all gave us all a dollar." I was so angry that I could have screamed at him. I hate screaming and I was there.

Of all the stupid, intollerable, inane, obtuse, ignorant things to say... he had to say that one.

I need to remind myself that I choose to walk away from a job with good money and good benefits to work here. I could have done anything that I wanted. I have an education. I know how the world works. An education can do that. I can go anywhere. These kids don't have that. These kids think they know it all because they have a cool phone and a smart mouth to swear at a teacher with.

Well, good for you. You can cut down the only person that's trying to help you get personal power to control your life. You can fight the people that want you to have control over your own life and stay a victem in the world. Great. Have fun with that.

I need to remind myself that they're children. They're children. They're children.

It's my job to educate them. Especially when I don't want to.

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