Friday, January 23, 2009

One Tough Cookie

Things that I need to get tougher on in class:

The kids really need to not have distractions to get their work done - that means their phone, mp3 players, how much their friends are able to talk to them, and their ability to distrupt the room.

Every day I look the other way because my kids are overloaded with electronics. According to the school rules, I'm supposed to confiscate the electronic devices whenever I see them or hear them. I don't want to spend the rest of my life arguing with students over taking "their property," so I look the other way. This probably doesn't help me in the end.

Then again... to make connections I need to be able to be "Miss Nice Guy." Contradictory, I know. Ugh. I'll figure it out as I go along. This are passable as they are right now. I think that the first year of teaching is like the first pancake. It's supposed to come out wrong while you figure things out.

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