Friday, January 16, 2009

Snow Days


Four exclaimation points. The sign of a truly deranged mind.

In other news, I think the the politics of my school corporation finally caught up with the fact that it's negative 25 outside with the windchill and that a lot of my kids don't have coats. Seriously. Some of them are coming to school in their hoodies. Compound this issue with the fact that the hoodies are not dress code appropriate and they must be left in their lockers while on school grounds and you have the makings for hypothermia or at least frostbite while in the rooms that aren't insulated well.

The sheer unadulterated joy that the students feel when they see that school has been cancelled is nothing compared to the joy that the teachers feel when they see that school is closed. We don't have to come in to school and deal with the students being unruly due to the weather. We don't have to brave the roads and risk our lives for the sakes of education. We can stay at home, in our beds, and actually sleep and stay warm.

In short... the students' have nothing compared to the teachers enthusiasm for snow days.

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