Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Note

My students don't care about politics. I really shouldn't be that suprised by this. They are... kids. In fact, since they don't care about politics it makes them a tad bit more healthy than their suburban counterparts that are gunho about politics and organizing political rallies when the Grand Ole Party needs a fundraiser or Tom Dashle has another attack with white powder covered envelopes.

Today we get a new president in the United States, and regardless of what you may think of this my students are nonplussed. I find healthy. The youth of America is still politacally apathetic, at least the economically despressed youth is.

When I was in college, whenever I used to hear the word "economically depressed" I used to see a worn down factory squishing a small town. Yeah, it's like that.

All in all, today is a good day. Despite my students being irate that they "have" to go and watch President Elect Obama being sworn in. Despite the fact that I'm underslept and have a ton of grading to do and planning to do. Depsite the fact that I'm behind on quizzes. Today is a great day.

After first period today, I found a note on my desk that one of my students left me. Here's what it said. (Oh, and it's things like this that make my job worth it even on the days where I feel like I could spit nails.)

"Ms. D.
Artistic, Informative, Happy, Knowledgable, Crazy, Weirdish, LIKES PENS AND PENCILS!, Fashion Sense :D duh

It was unsigned. I know who wrote it. The girl who sits in the front row and who always smiles and gets her work done desipte being absent frequently is the prime candidate. She always makes me laugh and she's always reading college level books. I like her immensely. It's hard not to have favorites.

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