Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inappropriate Humor and the PC Teacher

Thought of the day: teachers have to be more careful with humor than anyone else on the planet. Except maybe politicians. Actually, nix that. Politicians don't really have a sense of humor.

Today, I was explaining UV radiation to my students. I was trying to get them to wake up since they have a tendancy of going to sleep whenever the lights go out for the PowerPoint to come on. Today, I was joking around about the use of tanning in our culture and how it was essentially frying the skin of people that underwent the process. What I wanted to say was "people who tan expose themselves to the risk of cancer because the UV rays destroy DNA." What actually came out was "blah blah blah, joke about dark skin not needing sunscreen, blah blah blah." A few of the student hooted and hollered about that one. I'm luck I wasn't fried on the spot by a bolt of righous lightning from my extremely PC father. Unfortunately, the kids try to goad me into being un-PC all the time. On my good days when I say nothing that could offend anyone, they will still twist what I say to try and get a rise out of me. You have to marvel at inguinuity in the face of bordom.

Another lesson learned about the perils of teaching with under 5 hours of sleep. Just say no.

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