Monday, February 1, 2010

Interactive Notebooks: Day 6

Interactive Notebooks: Day 6

The kids were squirrelly today.

That's teacher-talk for "almost but not quite out of control." I had glue poured on people, students up out of their seats constantly, shouting across the room. Basically, another day where I had to make an insane amount of phone calls after school. Yay. And, this is where it gets good, this was the one day out of the past 2 weeks where my college adviser comes in to watch me teach. She stayed for 2 periods to see that I was, in fact, teaching well. I can actually feel the egg on my face.

Today's interactive notebook activities included thinking a bit too abstractly for my students. They are still having difficultly because they lack the background knowledge and I'm trying to do creative activities. I need to modify the activities that we do to reinforce the basics or this whole plan is going to be shot.

However, these are excellent ways to assess the students. When they don't understand a given topic, it's so easy to see that because they don't fill out the creative activity. Interesting point to be made. I could use these as a form of assessment on my students' comprehension.

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