Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interactive Notebooks Day 8

Interactive Notebooks: Day 8

I'm having a lot of trouble getting the students to figure out what "does" and "doesn't" go in the Interactive Notebooks. They seem to think that some things are "too big" to fit in there and therefore should be done on a separate piece of paper. I think that's one thing about this project that is difficult for them to understand since previously I had them do their work on whatever paper they chose and then turn it in. Now, I have format requirements that they need to accomodate. It's a difficult transition.

Also, being sick yesterday threw off the rhythm.

Speaking of being sick... I went to the doctor today on my lunch break since my pain was worse than it had been in a number of months. This would not normally be relevant except for the fact that my doctor has been giving me a treatment for my disease that should have supposedly lessened the pain or reduced my symptoms somewhat. This is not good news. When I went to my doctor, I found out some bad news.

I'm going to need surgery in the next few months. I was hoping to push this off until the summer or (better yet) to never, but the luck isn't with me right now.

I hope that I can get the research done and written up before I have to have the surgery or I'm going to be screwed on getting my degree.

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