Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday of Last Week

Wednesday of last week...

My administration hasn't gotten our state tests to us in time again. I don't know if I'll have time to grade them before I have to go out for surgery - which means I won't know if my PBL have been effective with the students' learning or not. So it goes...

Apparently, despite my saying I'm going out for surgery, putting it on the calendar, and putting in the class powerpoints, I still have students saying "wait, why won't you be here??" I find that funny at this point. I think I've evolved to a higher plane of existence, where you're so far passed stressed that things just become funny.

It seems sad to me that my two years of teaching has to end this way. I know I'll probably be back here teaching next year due to medical issues with finding another job, but still. I wanted to make a difference when I came to my district but I don't know if I really have. I hope I have but my students still don't study and I don't know if they have really retained any of the material I've tried to teach them. I hope I get better.

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  1. How have things been? Hope all is well, and that you had a good birthday.