Monday, May 11, 2009

Thoughts on nightschool...

Goal of the week: Back to basics - getting back on a schedule. Oh, how I'm so happy to have the free time just to be a teacher and not a teacher/student/sleepdeprivedfreak. I can just get some lessons done and catch up on doing normal things like eating and sleeping!!!

Thought of the day: Thoughts on nightschool...

You know, the D.O.T., for all of it's hellish annoyance, really helped me to be a better teacher. It was this long paper where I had to justify everything that I did during a week of my teaching in one of my classes. I also had to pick out two of my students and follow them through the lessons and show how what I was doing was helping them. There were guided essays where I talked about specifically what I was doing that was helping the whole class and the two students that improved their education.

Just going through and thinking about it with these guided questions really helped me to think about the process of education and what it means. I can now plan a unit and specific lessons much better (I feel) and I could before. I think I was fumbling a bit with the concept before and it's a lot more streamlined now.

My graduate program is doing it's job, although it's a bit scary in the transitions. I guess that happens when you work and go to nightschool. Hehe.

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