Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh where oh where have my students gone?

Goal of the week: The D.O.T. project is turned in as of today. Thank goodness. Now I can get back to finishing my year in peace and getting back to being a teacher again. I really just want to catch up on my lesson plans. The D.O.T. helped me to understand unit planning and lesson planning much better, so I wanted to sit down and work on some unit plans for the last 3 weeks of school.

Topic of the day: Oh where oh where have my students gone?

What happened to my attendance? The number of kids in my classes had dropped from really huge at the beginning of the year down to almost nonexistent. Where are my students. I have 12 students in most of my classes.

Despite everything, there are statistics online that say that the attendance at my school is at 95%. That can't be right. My rosters say that there should be 20 something kids in my classes. Ugh.

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