Monday, August 31, 2009

My list of things I cannot change (or ”brought to you by an insanely bad day“)

Things I cannot change...
  1. The ability levels of my students. Yes, some are functionally illiterate. Yes, some do not speak English. Yes, some are homeless and have never been pushed in school or have not been there most of the time. Yes, most don't have 2 parents at home telling them to do their homework (this really does help). I can't fix that. I must work with what I'm given.
  2. My administration... because they suck. Yes, they are always looking for a quick fix and never really pay attention to what needs to be done to help the students. Yes, they want only 20% of my class to fail... even if 25% don't show up. Yes, I've been told to raise my grades despite the fact that my students can't pass the end of year assessments for my subject. Yes, see before mentioned "thing I cannot change."
  3. The general inability of my school to have supplies or working equipment. 'Nuff said.
  4. My health. It sucks right now. I'm always tired and grumpy or in pain and on drugs.
  5. My students' general dissatisfaction with the fact that learning is work and not always fun and games like they've been led to believe.
Things I can change...
  1. The attitude of my students toward school insomuch that it can be positive and kind.
  2. My professional approach to problems that will always end up with me feeling like I haven't lowered myself to the level of those around me (I will remember that I'm an adult).
  3. My students' appreciation of science and biology.
  4. My students sense of academic self worth (that maybe they *can* do this).
  5. My students' hope for the future and in themselves.

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